Taking a holistic
Approach to Kids Health

Being a pediatrician is a big responsibility involving not only the child’s but also the parent’s well-being both physically and mentally. We as a childcare specialist ensures that your child is healthy and disease-free. The TISYA Clinics provides healthcare for children ranging in age from infancy to adolescence. Our practice’s primary focus is your child’s well-being. 


Newborn Care &

We help parents to learn and comprehend newborn care and safety soon after the birth of the child. We take care of every prerequisite-from weight measurement, vaccination, body movement to everything that states the well being of a newborn child.

Proper Parenting

Proper parenting is the prerequisite for the healthy growth and development of a child. AT Tisya Clinics, we make you aware of the important things related to diet, nutrition, vaccination, baby sleeping hours, healthy habits, etc.


Vaccines for

We offer a comprehensive range of compulsory and recommended vaccines for your child. The purpose of these vaccinations is to protect your child from infectious diseases by building his/her immunity towards infections that can easily be prevented.


Acute Medical Condition

With growing, children get exposed to the external environment and catch various infections causing the cough, cold, fever, diarrhea, etc. We are eager to provide consultation & medication if he/she is encountering any complication.

Why choose us as your
child specialist ?

Infant to adolescence

We specialize in treating all ages of children- from infants, toddlers, to adolescence. We promise you the best practices at Tisya Clinics that will lead to a healthy mind and body of your child. 

Years of expertise

Dr. Umesh Singh with more than 10 years of experience is known to have healed numerous cases since his pediatric practices. Through our years of expertise, we make sure that your child gets the best treatment ever.

Best Cure

Our practice is committed to providing the highest quality care for our patients. We offer personalized care in a friendly environment with the right recommendation of diet, medicines and life routine.

Better assistance

Dr. Umesh Singh accompanied by an experienced team of nurses, staff members and helpers are all time available for better assistance for faster recovery of your child’s health. 

Our Services

Providing dental care to patients suffering from minor to major teeth related ailment. We make sure that none of your dental ailments remain unhealed.


Immunizations (Vaccination)

We make sure that your child is injected with all necessary vaccination to avoid any health-related issues during the growth and development of the mind and body.


Annual Physicals Checkups

Annual check-ups with the paediatrician provide you the opportunity to check your children's health and development.

Asthma Management

We aim to limit the frequency, severity, and costliness of asthma exacerbations through extensive education of physicians, children, and caregivers. 

Our Services

We share the same aims as you: to keep your child healthy, happy and safe. We feel happy to help you with pediatric specialist medical support

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We are just at your fingertips. Let your ailment have a touch of our expert medical care.

Know your Doctor

Dr Umesh Singh


Years of experience

+10 Years

Dr Umesh Singh completed his medical degree (MBBS) at the Maharashtra University of Health Science (Vasant Pawar Medical College,Nashik) in 2007. He has completed his Post Graduation (DNB) training in Paediatrics at Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai (National Board of Examinations) in 2014. He has worked as Senior registrar at Jaslok Hospital, MGM hospital, Parel and Fortis Hospital mulund.

Now he is working as full time Paediatric consultant at Bharat Ratna Indira Gandhi hospital(MBMC), Mira road, Thane (Mumbai). He also visits various Hospitals as visiting consultant (Family care Hospital, Galaxy Hospital, Kamla maternity Home and Suvarna Hospital).

What Our

Our Happiness is doubled when patients bid us goodbye
happily and satisfied.
Our Happiness is doubled when patients
bid us goodbye happily and

Our Happiness is doubled when patients bid us goodbye happily and satisfied.

We have been visiting Dr.Umesh Singh for both our kids for almost 5 years now. He is the best paediatrician I have met so far in Mumbai and can diagnose the root cause of health issues of kids. I would highly recommend him.

Gyan Mohanty

He is a Good doctor..friendly by nature with all his patients..the clinic is neat and clean..staffs are well mannered.


Dr. Umesh has been the paediatrician for both our children from when they were born. He is very good with children and tends to avoid medication unless absolutely necessary. I strongly recommend him

Sheela M